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West Australia Wine Country

Margaret River Wine Tours

Margaret River Wine Region offers many unique and fun ways to travel around wine country, we have a variety of suggestions for you.....

Margaret River Wine Tasting Tours

Full Guided Wine Tour

Take a Guided tour on a bus or with a small private group of friends

Take a Guided tasting tour on a bus or with a small private group of friends.   This tends to be the most popular option, generally giving some insights and behind the scenes look at Margaret River Wineries and Vineyards

Wine Tour with Dogs

Girl in a car with dog, both are wearing sunglasses and smiling with heads out window, funny photo

Wouldn't it be great to bring your bestie on a Margaret River Wine tour? 

Well many wineries are dog friendly, just check out the Wine Dogs book if your wondering!

Bike and Wine

Man on Mountain Bike on a forest trail on a cycling wine tour at sunset

Yes its not as scarry as it seems, many people go this option as it gives a unique way to see the countryside around Margaret River... 

Riding is just like a car, you can have a small amount to drink and still be safe (0.05), best to do this option in a group where you can look after each other

Driver Service for Wine Tour

Chauffeur in black suit opening car door for man getting in white luxury car

Many people have been to Margaret River Wineries before for tastings  and enjoyed the bus tours, but this time are just looking for a driver for the day to get them around safely

Wineries near Margaret River

Wine Blog

Margaret River Wine Tasting Tours

We have no direct affiliation to wineries and any information is based on feedback and suggestions from previous guests as well as some excerpts from other websites

Things to do in Margaret River


Not sure where to go? 

Don't be too worried about finding the best experience, as every vineyard has its own uniqueness