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Some Wine Tours allow you to get hands on backstage and meet the crew...

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 Plan the trail yourself starting from Busselton or we can tailor a Tour as we go, based on a few of your suggestions 

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Margaret River is a huge region, if you are keen to start early, we can check out a few attractions close to Busselton, Yallingup or further down through Hamelin Bay and Augusta


Coastal Seaside Town in Margaret River Region

Busselton lies on a stretch of coastline between Perth and Augusta, these days is a bustling seaside resort town that lives on tourism although previously was a port for the logging industry. 

Early settlers realised the tall trees would make great building material and  Busselton jetty became the way to get the logs onto ships.

Today, Busselton provides a base camp for travellers visiting the region as well as many Australians have made it their home. 

With the main industry being Tourism and the Wine industry, some would say weddings...

 Busselton continues to grow and thrive, well more so in the warmer months! Still winter brings many Perth locals 'down south' for a weekend winter escape, weddings slow down and overseas tourists head north to warmer climate in Exmouth. 

Although a lot of Singaporeans come to enjoy a break from the Heat! Come Spring Busselton slowly comes back to life with many Cape to Cape walkers stopping for a day or 2 to walk the Jetty or view the underwater Observatory.

By the time Summer comes around, Wedding seasons in full swing and you'll hope to have booked ahead for accommodation, although many prefer the caravan parks to enjoy the great outdoors and really experience the magnificent beaches the region has on show and the glorious WA Wine Country.

 You'd be hard up to not stumble into a celebration, event or market any weekend over the summer period, but good to plan ahead and maybe work your trip around a concert or event, or just do what many do and spend all your time in the glorious blue waters...

Wineries near Busselton

After Hours

After Hours Wine is a family owned business. We believe in a hands on approach from the vineyard to the bottle.  After Hours Wine

Bussel Vineyards

They are experienced farmers in Viticulture, Horticulture and Livestock. Their passion for farming, shows in their high quality of produce

Bussel Family

Maiolo Wines

Varieties include:

Cabernet Sauvignon 



Pinot Noir


Sauvignon Blanc 


Maiolo Wines

3 Oceans Wine Company

 "making wine in one of the most remote wine regions in the world is certainly challenging, but the cool climate and ideal territory rewards us with quality fruit which ensures our wines are full of flavour with great complexity."   3 Oceans

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Wineries near Busselton